Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the 4266 nurses’ aides who fulfilled the inclusion criteria

*As the only activity or in combination with slow walks.
†The workplace categories are not mutually exclusive, as some subjects reported working in several places.
Marital status
    Married or cohabiting340479.9
Preschool children (<6 y)
    2 or more1884.5
Special tasks of caring nature in the leisure time (e.g. caring for elderly relatives or handicapped children)
    A little89921.2
    Rather much or very much2425.7
Daily consumption of cigarettes
    10 or more80919.3
Physical leisure time activities (at least 20 min once a week)
    Slow walks77018.0
    Brief walks *91321.4
    Aerobics or gym *2606.1
Years as a nurses’ aide
    10 or more346381.2
Working hours per week
Service sector (main workplace)†
    Somatic department (adults)55012.9
    Psychiatric department (adults)3247.6
    Paediatric department701.6
    Nursing home176341.3
    Old people’s home2936.9
    Unit of apartments for old people1122.6
    Community nurse69616.3
    Institution for mentally handicapped45010.5
Have ever changed work or work tasks because of pain
LBP previous 3 months