Table 1

Prevalence ratios for chest and eyes/nose symptoms and a positive SPT to fungal α-amylase in relation to exposure categories for fungal α-amylase allergen

Exposure categoryLowMediumHigh
Sex and atopy were confounders in the model.
α-amylase allergen level (ng/m3)
    Arithmetic means (SD)0.7 (0.8)10.7 (2.2)46.7 (16.6)
    Number of measurements2252213
Chest symptoms
    Prevalence ratio11.73.0
    95% CI0.6 to 4.91.1 to 8.1
    Number of incident cases2255
Eyes/nose symptoms
    Prevalence ratio11.91.9
    95% CI0.9 to 3.80.9 to 4.2
    Number of incident cases56107
SPT positive to α-amylase
    Prevalence ratio13.14.0
    95% CI0.6 to 170.9 to 18
    Number of incident cases1824