Table 5

 Childhood acute leukaemia and exposure to high traffic roads (<50 m) according to exposure period

In utero exposureChildhood exposure
Cases (n = 280)Controls (n = 285)OR(95% CI)Cases (n = 280)Controls (n = 285)OR(95% CI)
Heavy traffic road
All road types13447.914952.30.9(0.7 to 1.3)15555.416457.51.1(0.8 to 1.6)
Secondary road or main street9835.010436.51.0(0.7 to 1.4)11440.712443.51.1(0.7 to 1.6)
Primary road196.8217.40.8(0.4 to 1.6)2810.0217.31.1(0.6 to 2.2)
Motorway or similar road113.9134.61.3(0.5 to 3.2)145.0176.01.3(0.6 to 2.9)