Table 3

 Childhood acute leukaemia (AL) and exposure to close neighbouring businesses during childhood according to type of AL

Cases (n = 280)Controls (n = 285)OR(95% CI)
*With or without another business.
Acute non-lymphocytic leukaemia (n = 40)
No neighbouring business3587.525890.51.0(ref.)
Repair garage or petrol station*410.072.57.7(1.7 to 34.3)
Other neighbouring business12.982.81.0(0.1 to 8.9)
Missing values00124.2
Acute lymphocytic leukaemia (n = 240)
No neighbouring business21489.225890.51.0(ref.)
Repair garage or petrol station*135.472.53.6(1.3 to 9.9)
Other neighbouring business72.982.81.5(0.5 to 4.6)
Missing values62.5124.2