Table 2

 Health status and utilisation among subjects with COPD and past employment

Health status measure at one year follow upFrequency (n = 234)
COPD defined by subject report at baseline interview of a physician’s diagnosis of COPD, emphysema, or chronic bronchitis.
QOL, quality of life.
Dyspnoea on exertion in past 14 days, n (%)
    None51 (22)
    Dyspnoea at rapid pace72 (31)
    Dyspnoea at standard pace43 (18)
    Dyspnoea at own pace68 (29)
Breathing troubled in past 14 days or nights, n (%)
    No days50 (21)
    Some or most days121 (52)
    Everyday63 (27)
Activity limitation due to lung condition, past 30 days, n (%)
    No days163 (70)
    Some or most days33 (14)
    All days38 (16)
SF-12 physical component score, mean (SD)35.8 (12.0)
SF-12 mental component score, mean (SD)47.1 (9.3)
Respiratory QOL score, mean (SD)7.3 (5.1)
One or more hospitalisation for COPD*, n (%)24 (10)
One or more ED visit for COPD*, n (%)35 (15)