Table 2

Transient exposures and relative risks of occupational acute traumatic hand injury, northeastern USA, 1997–2000

One or more exposures
ExposureNo. of subjects exposed at time of injuryAverage no. of hours exposed in month prior to injury‡No. of subjects exposed in month prior to injuryRR*95% CI*
*RR, relative risk; CI, confidence interval.
‡The estimated average individual hours of exposure includes subjects who report zero hours of each exposure and takes into account individual differences in hours worked including overtime.
Unusual performing equip/materials1614.527611.09.4 to 12.8
Wearing gloves21653.17710.40.3 to 0.5
Different work method1072.220210.58.7 to 12.7
Doing an unusual task1273.93566.75.7 to 8.0
Being distracted1475.65585.34.6 to 6.1
Being rushed29029.27692.42.1 to 2.7
Feeling ill252.42631.91.3 to 2.8