Table 3

Combinations of different risk factors for neck pain among male and female computer users, stratified for sex and adjusted for age

Risk factorMen and women
HR (95% CI)Events/censoredExcess risk
Note that only respondents with low exposure for both risk factors and high exposure for one or both risk factors were included, all other possible exposure combinations being excluded.
HR, hazard ratio.
*Adjusted for physical exposure and age.
†Adjusted for job strain and age.
‡Adjusted for perceived muscular tension and age.
Perceived muscular tension and job strain*
    Low tension, low strain17/56
    High tension, low strain3.3 (1.1 to 9.5)8/18
    Low tension, high strain2.5 (0.90 to 6.8)9/23
    High tension, high strain4.0 (1.6 to 10.0)19/28−0.19
Perceived muscular tension and physical exposure†
    Low tension, low physical120/90
    High tension, low physical1.7 (0.92 to 3.3)23/52
    Low tension, high physical0.83 (0.27 to 2.6)4/17
    High tension, high physical1.9 (0.86 to 4.2)12/180.17
Job strain and physical exposure‡
    Low strain, low physical117/89
    High strain, low physical1.1 (0.51 to 2.5)14/49
    Low strain, high physical0.54 (0.12 to 2.4)2/15
    High strain, high physical2.7 (1.2 to 5.9)15/170.75