Table 8

Profile of the Industrial Corridor parishes, and the State of Louisiana, 1980 and 1990†

Industrial Corridor 1980Louisiana 1980Industrial Corridor 1990Louisiana 1990
†Sources: Groves et al,3 US Census Bureau,22 Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.50
*Range of values for parishes, according to region.
Total population55818242059005920994314085
    % White62.769.264.466.7
    % Black32.429.434.131.3
    Mining1.35.00. 73.2
    Health and hospitals5.
Persons below poverty level (%)16.118.619.723.6
Per capita income$7045$6430$12163$10635
Persons living in rural areas
    % White25.134.625.537.0
    % Black22.724.218.121.7
Education level
    % High school graduate or higher57.778.168.3
    % Bachelor’s degree or higher14.021.516.1
Unemployed (%)8.39.6
Current smokers (%), average 1995–98*24–3226