Table 7

Behavioural and social risk factor prevalence for the state of Louisiana, and the USA*

Risk factorLouisiana (%)USA (%)
*Sources: Centers for Disease Control,33 Health Resources and Services Administration,34,35 US Census Bureau.22
†Average number of drinks on days when alcohol was consumed.
‡Any exercise in the past month.
Obesity (1995)17.715.8
Smoking (1995)25.322.4
Alcohol consumption† (1995)
    1–2 drinks62.567.6
    >3 drinks37.532.3
Exercise‡ (1996)65.172.3
Uninsured population (1998)19.016.3
Below 100% poverty level (1998)21.613.1
Without access to primary care provider (1996)33.417.1
Personal per capita income (1990)$10635$14387
Unemployed (1990)9.66.3
High school graduate or higher (1990)68.375.2
Bachelor’s degree or higher (1990)16.120.3