Table 1

 Prevalence rates of self declared OA in the active population, aged 25–64, of respondents to the Quebec Health Survey

Characteristic (% in all)Prevalence rates (%)
Males (n = 5569)Females (n = 4371)
*p<0.01, **p<0.001; χ2 test comparing the prevalence rate of OA in individuals who have the characteristic to the rate of those who do not (not shown).
†Occupations classified as having regular physical demand.11
‡Regular handling of persons or heavy objects such as lifting and carrying.
§Regular use of force with tools or machines.
¶Regular repetitive motion of hands and arms at fast pace.
††Regular exposure to vibrations from hand tools.
‡‡Body mass index (kg/m2) ⩾27.
§§Current regular or occasional smokers, and ex-smokers.
    Manual work†(32.2)4.1%**3.8%
    Heavy handling‡(16.2)3.0%5.7%
    Force with tools§(16.8)3.8%*7.4%*
    Repetitive motion¶(18.5)4.3%*3.5%
Potential confounders
    Excess weight‡‡(29.3)4.4%**5.9%*