Table 4

Results of the survival analyses (Kaplan-Meier and multiple Cox regression analyses)

Median number of days off workLog rank test (p value)Unadjusted HRAdjusted HRs for return-to-work (95% CI), Cox regression
InterventionNo interventionWorkers ⩽200 days of sickleaveWorkers >200 days of sickleave
Cox regression analysis for adaptation of workplace, job tasks, and working hours was based on n = 1133, n = 1147, n = 1149 workers respectively.
*Adjusted for country, patient functional limitations (Hannover ADL). HR is constant during entire follow up period.
†Adjusted for other ergonomic interventions, patient work ability, patient job duration, country, physical job demands.
‡Adjusted for country, patient functional limitations (Hannover ADL), patient work ability, physical job demands.
Adaptation of workplace206311<0.00011.44 (1.24–1.69)1.47 (1.25 to 1.72)*
Adaptation of job tasks2992440.261.09 (0.95–1.24)0.78† (0.65 to 0.95)1.78† (1.42 to 2.23)
Adaptation of working hours2702910.021.17 (1.03–1.35)1.14‡ (0.99 to 1.32)1.41‡ (1.13 to 1.76)