Table 1

Characteristics of the study population

*Missing date of birth. No assumptions were made when date of birth was missing. These workers were included in the original study by Stayner and colleagues.1
Excluded from analysis*59
Number of workers11039(100%)
    White male1612(14.6%)
    Non-white male403(3.7%)
    White female6737(61.0%)
    Non-white female2287(20.7%)
Vital status (as of 31/12/1998)
Plant site
    Plant 15647(51.2%)
    Plant 21851(16.8%)
    Plant 33541(32.1%)
Year of birth
Age at first exposure (years)
Year first exposed
    Prior to 19634669(42.3%)
    1971 or later2557(23.2%)
Duration of exposure
    <3 years5291(47.9%)
    3–9 years3142(28.5%)
    10+ years2606(23.6%)
Time since first exposure
    <10 years330(3.0%)
    10–19 years411(3.7%)
    20+ years10298(93.3%)