Table 1

Comprehensive phase participant characteristics and exposures: the Minnesota Nurses’ Study

Age (years)
    Less than 301955.2
    30 to <4072419.4
    40 to <50143838.5
    50 to <6098326.3
    60 or older39810.7
Licence type
Nursing education
    Associate degree105828.3
    Bachelor’s degree97926.2
    Master’s degree2165.8
    Doctorate degree50.1
    Missing (refused)35 (4)0.9 (0.1)
Primary facility worked
    Hospital inpatient145438.9
    Nursing home/long term care/rehabilitation facility68818.4
    School/college/university; independent practice/consulting; insurance/utilisation review; industry; split time equally between two or more facilities; other48312.9
    Hospital/non-hospital outpatient facility2727.3
    Clinic/health care provider office49613.3
    Public health/home health agency3459.2
Ownership of facility
    Split time/unsure41611.1
Primary department/unit/area
    Medical/surgical; obstetrics/gynaecology; procedural diagnostic149640.1
    Intensive care unit2486.6
    Occupational health; split time; other56115.0
    Operating/recovery room2476.6
    Public health/home care; school health; education/research58415.6
    Family practice2897.7
    Missing (refused)4 (2)0.1 (0.1)
Primary patient population
    Split time87123.3
    Missing (refused)15 (3)0.4 (0.1)
Primary professional activity
    All non-direct care: teaching; research; administration; case management; insurance/utilisation review; telephone triage/health information; split time; other117231.4
    Provided patient care231862.0
    Supervised patient care2376.3