Table 6

 Animal exposed occupations; frequencies and odds ratios (95% CIs) for association with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, multiple myeloma, and leukaemia*

Controls (n = 896480)Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (n = 71600)Hodgkin’s disease (n = 5366)Multiple myeloma (n = 35340)Leukaemia (n = 67570)
%%OR (95% CI)%OR (95% CI)%OR (95% CI)%OR (95% CI)
*Odds ratios adjusted for age, sex, race, geographic region of occurrence, and socioeconomic status.
†Non-farming occupations with exposure to animals consist of veterinarians, biological and life scientists, and animal caretakers, except farm.
‡Non-farming animal exposed and farming animal exposed occupations were modelled together to calculate overall ORs, using all other occupations as the referent.
§Specific non-farming animal-exposed occupations were modelled together with farming animal exposed occupations to calculate ORs for each occupation, using all other occupations as the referent.
All occupations without animal exposure95.5796.081.0 (ref.)96.871.0 (ref.)95.291.0 (ref.)95.061.0 (ref.)
Non-farming occupations with animal exposure†‡ (0.89–1.40)0.150.99 (0.49–1.99)0.121.33 (0.98–1.81)0.131.22 (0.98–1.52)
    Veterinarians§ (0.47–1.36)0.061.99 (0.63–6.35)0.041.96 (1.15–3.34)0.041.34 (0.88–2.07)
    Biological and life scientists§ (0.63–1.63)0.020.47 (0.07–3.42)0.031.35 (0.71–2.58)0.031.14 (0.72–1.82)
    Animal caretakers, except farm§ (0.71–2.29)0.041.65 (0.40–6.74)0.011.05 (0.43–2.58)0.021.62 (0.95–2.75)
    Supervisors, related agricultural occupations§ (0.95–1.90)0.040.61 (0.15–2.45)0.041.04 (0.60–1.81)0.041.05 (0.71–1.54)
Farming occupations with animal exposure‡4.333.811.25 (1.19–1.31)2.981.22 (1.03–1.47)4.581.24 (1.17–1.32)4.811.34 (1.28–1.40)