Table 5

Association of work related factors for sick-leave spells of 1–7 days duration and ⩾8 days duration, respectively, and for sick-leave days in a multivariate linear analysis controlling for all other work related factors, “Women’s health and living conditions”, Sweden, 1995

Independent variableB coefficient95% CI
Frequency of sick-leave spells of 1–7 days duration
[R2 0.114 (11.4% of the variance explained)]
Interesting work−0.527−0.882 to −0.172
More women at work place0.3900.198 to 0.582
Exposed to gas, dust, smoke, oil, grime0.3170.084 to 0.550
Open communication with work mates0.4050.105 to 0.705
Work mates with problems0.2760.060 to 0.492
Frequency of sick-leave spells of ⩾8 days duration
[R2 0.085 (8.5% of the variance explained)]
Can influence own work schedule−0.07−0.137 to −0.003
Have to work fast0.1170.027 to 0.207
Age0.0080.002 to 0.014
Learn new things at work−0.113−0.197 to −0.029
Longer commuting time−0.007−0.013 to −0.001
Number of sick-leave days
[R2 0.057 (5.7% of the variance explained)]
Decide own work pace−8.055−14.086 to −2.024
Worried about new technology7.1270.753 to 13.501
Exhausted after work6.2760.206 to 12.346