Table 1

 Baseline characteristics of social positions in the Copenhagen Centre for Prospective Population Studies

Executive managers/academics n = 2153Leading managers n = 2884Salaried employees n = 5395Skilled workers n = 2114Unskilled workers n = 3670Test for trend p value*
Values are percentages or mean.
*p values are from a non-parametric test for trend across ordered groups (np-trend).
Mean age, y50.549.348.349.949.5
Heavy smokers: >15 g/day%31.431.733.742.441.8<0.001
Alcohol: >5 drinks/day%12.013.316.925.332.5<0.001
Physical activity: none/little%<0.001
BMI, kg/m2 ⩾32%<0.001
SBP, mm Hg1281261251281290.06
Cholesterol, mmol/l5.965.965.966.136.05<0.001
Education (<8 y)%7.323.531.849.865.8<0.001
Living alone%17.420.424.213.823.10.013
Decision authority(0–100)86.684.674.572.363.9<0.001
Skill discretion(0–100)34.430.827.326.016.9<0.001
Social support at work(0–100)75.875.177.777.371.8<0.001