Table 3

 Percent change in risk of death for a 10 μg/m3 increase in PM10 by city, and overall, using either a two stage or single stage analysis

City% change95% CI
Analyses are matched on subject and season, and control for weather (using splines) and day of the week.
Birmingham−0.01−0.58 to 0.56
Boulder2.590.66 to 4.56
Canton−0.02−1.67 to 1.65
Chicago0.390.14 to 0.64
Cincinnati0.32−0.52 to 1.15
Colorado Springs0.35−1.01 to 1.74
Columbus0.61−0. 59 to 1.81
Detroit0.470.15 to 0.78
Minneapolis/St Paul0.630.06 to 1.21
New Haven0.27−0.63 to 1.19
Pittsburgh0.30−0.05 to 0.65
Provo-Orem0.26−0.77 to 2.59
Seattle0.14−0.32 to 0.61
Spokane0.32−0.20 to 1.21
Overall two stage0.360.22 to 0.50
Overall single stage0.330.19 to 0.46