Table 5

A comparison of fatal accident rates in British commercial fishing with those for all workers, and workers in other industries, in Great Britain, 1976–95

IndustryDeaths from accidents at work*Fatal accident rate per 100000 worker-years (95% CI)*Relative risk fishermen: other workers
*The data in these columns have appeared elsewhere.10
†Official HSE statistics for the period 1976–95. The figures for energy and water supply, agriculture, forestry, and fishing, and the service industries are for the period 1981–95 only. The figures for energy and water supply include employees only and exclude the small number of self employed. The figures for agriculture, forestry, and fishing exclude sea fishing. The figures for all workers in Great Britain exclude sea fishing, merchant seafaring, and civil aviation which are not covered under HSE legislation.
‡Original study data, based on official mortality files at the RGSS and the MAIB, for the period 1976–95.
Fishermen in UK commercial fishing‡454103.1 (87.5 to 119)
Other industries in Great Britain†
Energy and water supply industries70010.0 (6.7 to 13.9)10.3
Agriculture, forestry, and fishing7378.8 (8.2 to 9.5)11.7
Construction24048.4 (7.6 to 10.3)12.3
Manufacturing22642.2 (1.9 to 2.5)46.0
Service industries16190.7 (0.6 to 0.7)157.3
All workers in Great Britain 95432.0 (1.7 to 2.2)52.4