Table 3

Causes of fatal personal accidents in British commercial fishing, 1976–95

Cause of accident/work operations or activityFatal personal accidents by length of fishing vessel (metres)Total deaths
Struck by heavy seas
Washed overboard: shooting-out operations213
Washed overboard: hauling-in operations33
Washed overboard: stowing nets11215
Washed overboard: other operations224
Washed overboard: operations not known123
Injured on deck: hauling-in operations11
Struck by trawling equipment
Injured: shooting-out operations336
Injured: hauling-in operations45514
Injured: other operations314
Injured: operations not known1113
Knocked overboard: shooting-out operations11
Knocked overboard: hauling-in operations718
Knocked overboard: other operations112
Entangled in trawling equipment
Dragged overboard: shooting-out operations55414
Dragged overboard: hauling-in operations112
Dragged overboard: other operations11
Injured, dragged into winch: hauling-in operations3137
Falls overboard
During shooting-out operations111214
During hauling-in operations4228
Other falls overboard8197135
Falls into docks
When working on the quayside112
When returning to berthed trawlers from ashore65516
When returning to moored trawlers by boat213
Other accidents
Boating disasters: laying out seine nets22
Drowned: diving accidents123
Knocked overboard: anchor laying operations22
Asphyxiated by cabin heater fumes: sleeping134
Other accidents34119
Not known3115
Total 28884226184