Table 4

 Associations of total exercise and housework activity and strenuousness of work at baseline with poor physical functioning (SF-36) at follow up among blue-collar workers; multiple logistic regression model*

Poor physical functioning
n (cases)OR(95% CI)
*Independent variables: total exercise and housework activity, strenuousness of work, age, sex, number of chronic disorders, BMI, and smoking at baseline.
†Tertiles among the blue-collar group.
‡Borg scale categorised as 7–12 = low, 13–14 = medium, 15–19 = high.
Total exercise and housework activity†
    Low90 (33)1.00
    Medium91 (33)0.70(0.30 to 1.60)
    High90 (17)0.24(0.10 to 0.66)
Strenuousness of work‡
    Low59 (9)1.00
    Medium92 (31)2.41(0.87 to 6.69)
    High120 (43)3.61(1.35 to 9.51)