Table 2

Causes of vessel casualties involving loss of life to fishermen in British commercial fishing, 1976–95

Cause of vessel casualtyNo. of vessel casualties by length of fishing vessel (metres)Total vessel casualtiesTotal deaths
With merchant vessels1221620
With fishing vessels223
With unidentified vessels226
Due to navigational error3621127
Due to anchors dragging during storms1126
Due to unknown causes115
Capsized after snagged trawling nets
On submarines114
On other underwater obstructions5421122
Foundered or capsized
Due to adverse weather or sea conditions2114237115
Due to instability during hauling-in operations42610
Due to unseaworthy trawlers41518
Due to anchor caught in trawling gear111
Missing vessels and unknown causes821021
Fires and explosions
In engine rooms1124
In galleys and in accommodation areas447
Location not known111
Total 4840113102270