Table 2

Cancer among Swedish military personnel (men and women) in UN missions in the Balkans, 1989–99, subdivided by job group*

Cancer site†Indoors, n = 3412Outdoors, n = 5204Convoy, n = 648Ammunition clearance, n = 357
ObsExpSIR95% CIObsExpSIR95% CIObsExpSIR95% CIObsExpSIR95% CI
*The table lists observed and expected cancers since service in the respective group started. Some persons had worked in two or more groups in different missions, and the numbers cannot be added over job groups.
†Only sites with at least two cases are shown.
‡Three persons with cancer had served in two or more job groups.
§One person with testicular cancer had served in three job groups.
¶One person with malignant melanoma had served in three job groups.
All sites‡1511.31.30.7 to 2.21412.41.10.6 to 1.951.73.01.0 to 7.010.4
Rectum0.320.28.11.0 to 290.00.0
Bronchus and lung10.510.40.10.0
Testis§11.562.72.20.8 to 4.920.35.90.7 to 2110.1
Urinary bladder10.410.30.00.0
Malignant melanoma¶ to 6.511.310.20.0
Brain and nervous system31.12.70.6 to 7.811.50.20.1
Haematolymphatic organs31.52.00.4 to 5.812.010.30.1
Hodgkin’s disease10.410.70.10.0