Table 1

Cancer among Swedish military and civilian personnel in UN missions in the Balkans, 1989–99

Cancer siteICD-7* codeMilitary personnelCivil personnel
Obs†Exp‡SIR§95% CI¶ObsExpSIR95% CIObsExpSIR95% CI
*International classification of diseases, 7th revision.
†Observed number of cases.
‡Expected number of cases.
§Standardised incidence ratio, not calculated if there were less than two cases.
¶95% confidence interval.
All sites140–2092621.81.20.8 to 1.842.61.50.4 to 3.943.81.10.3 to 2.7
Oral cavity143–14410.10.00.0
Rectum15420.53.90.5 to 140.00.2
Liver, not specified as primary155.1–
Bronchus and lung162.110.810.110.3
Cervix uteri17110.2
Testis17884.31.90.8 to 3.70.2
Urinary bladder181. to 110.00.2
Malignant melanoma19022.20.90.1 to 3.310.310.3
Brain and nervous system19332.61.20.2 to 3.410.210.3
Endocrine glands19510.70.10.1
Unknown site19910.60.00.1
Haematolymphatic organs200–20953.51.40.5 to
    Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma20011.20.10.2
    Hodgkin’s disease20121.11.90.2 to
    Chronic myeloid leukaemia205.