Table 3

 Odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence interval (CI) for dysmenorrhoea in association with self perceived stress during different time phases of the preceding menstrual cycle

Stress in the follicular phase of the preceding cycles†Stress in the luteal phase of the preceding cycles†Total cycles (% dysmenorrhoea)OR‡§95% CI§
*p<0.05; ***p<0.001.
†Exclude cycles with cycle length less than 21 days.
‡The outcome was defined as a binary variable adjusted for age, BMI, shift work, dust exposure, cycle length, education, and passive smoking.
§OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.
¶Reference group.
LowLow738 (24.5)1.0¶
LowMedium/high60 (31.7)1.40.8 to 2.5
Medium/highLow42 (42.9)2.21.1 to 4.5*
Medium/highMedium/high49 (65.3)6.42.5 to 15.9***