Table 4

 Association of Gulf War veterans’ total number of health symptoms with reported number of immunisations received in relation to their Gulf War deployment

ImmunisationsTotal number of health symptoms
nMean(SD)Adj ratio of means*95% CI
*Ratios of means are adjusted for service type, rank, age (<20, 20–24, 25–34, ⩾35 years), education, and marital status by negative binomial regression.
†Dose-response per unit increase in number of immunisations in those who had received at least one immunisation (p<0.001).
‡A cluster of immunisations was defined as >5 immunisations within one week or less.
Any95614.0(10.7)1.00.9 to 1.2
    1–426711.6(8.8)0.90.7 to 1.0
    5–956314.1(10.8)1.00.9 to 1.2
    10 or more12618.8(12.4)1.31.1 to 1.6
    Dose response in those ⩾1†1.041.03 to 1.06
Don’t know34216.9(12.0)1.21.0 to 1.4
Cluster of immunisations—none‡96214.1(10.8)1.0
Cluster of immunisations—any15014.8(11.6)1.11.0 to 1.2