Table 4

Pancreatic cancer risk for occupations with at least four observed cases and a 10% excess risk; women reporting the same occupation in both censuses

Occupational codes and job titlesObservedSIR*RR†95% CI‡
*SIR, age and period standardised incidence ratio using the whole cohort as reference.
†RR, relative risk adjusted by age, period, geographical category, and town size, using other occupations in the same sector as reference.
‡CI, confidence intervals for the RR.
093Librarian, archivist, curator5214.22.35(0.97 to 5.70)
201–09Group of bank workers29114.51.17(0.80 to 1.72)
204Cashier, retail store and restaurant7164.51.62(0.77 to 3.43)
296Insurance rater, claims adjuster6193.31.73(0.77 to 3.90)
721–22Shoe workers4186.41.99(0.74 to 5.35)
758Other engin. and building metal workers5183.31.60(0.66 to 3.87)
764–68Electronic related workers5145.41.21(0.50 to 2.96)
768Other electrical and electronic workers5145.41.20(0.49 to 2.93)
801–09Printing workers5147.11.22(0.50 to 2.96)
911Catering supervisor13143.11.41(0.81 to 2.44)
912Cook13124.01.18(0.68 to 2.04)