Table 3

Pancreatic cancer risk for occupations with at least four observed cases and a 10% excess risk; men reporting the same occupation in both censuses

Occupational codes and job titlesObservedSIR*RR†95% CI‡
*SIR, age and period standardised incidence ratio using the whole cohort as reference.
†RR, relative risk adjusted by age, period, geographical category, and town size, using other occupations in the same sector as reference.
‡CI, confidence intervals for the RR.
001Architect and building engineer67110.71.17(0.91 to 1.51)
031Physician19142.81.49(0.94 to 2.35)
050Principal, headmaster6135.81.44(0.64 to 3.22)
054Teacher of music, arts, or crafts11150.91.61(0.89 to 2.92)
061Minister, priest13112.71.22(0.70 to 2.12)
085Journalist, editor9122.51.25(0.65 to 2.42)
111Managing director32103.51.23(0.82 to 1.84)
292Bank employee7280.72.24(1.05 to 4.78)
301Working proprietor, wholesale10211.21.97(1.05 to 3.70)
311Insurance representative and agent5156.01.38(0.57 to 3.35)
321Travel agent26170.81.60(1.07 to 2.40)
403Forestry supervisor14103.21.21(0.70 to 2.07)
413–15Hunt and livestock9107.31.31(0.68 to 2.53)
644Road traffic supervisor6207.41.84(0.82 to 4.13)
662Messenger6189.41.63(0.72 to 3.66)
735Blacksmith, forger10110.01.10(0.59 to 2.05)
738Other metal processing workers6340.73.92(1.76 to 8.75)
742Watchmaker5147.41.41(0.59 to 3.40)
753Sheet metal workers23141.81.36(0.90 to 2.05)
755Welder and flame cutter30113.71.12(0.78 to 1.60)
764–68Electronic related workers12159.81.56(0.88 to 2.76)
764Radio and TV assembler and repairman5119.61.15(0.48 to 2.78)
768Other electrical and electronic workers4222.72.14(0.80 to 5.71)
774Frame, circular sawyer, and planer6150.01.65(0.74 to 3.68)
795Glazier6187.31.77(0.79 to 3.94)
821–29Food processing workers48126.21.24(0.93 to 1.66)
822Baker and pastry cook24133.71.29(0.86 to 1.93)
826Butcher and meet preparer15156.01.48(0.89 to 2.46)
851Rubber products workers10184.61.79(0.96 to 3.33)
856Stone cutter and carver4141.21.51(0.57 to 4.04)
874Construction machine operator15124.41.29(0.78 to 2.14)
882Docker and freight handler18230.52.20(1.38 to 3.50)
883Store and warehouse workers49135.31.30(0.98 to 1.72)
901Firefighter8136.21.12(0.55 to 2.26)
921Waiter6221.11.67(0.74 to 3.78)
932Cleaner5236.41.87(0.77 to 4.54)
941Hairdresser, beautician17134.11.12(0.69 to 1.84)