Table 2

Pancreatic cancer risk for occupations with at least four observed cases and a 10% excess risk; women

Occupational codes and job titlesObservedSIR*RR†95% CI‡
*SIR, age and period standardised incidence ratio using the whole cohort as reference.
†RR, relative risk adjusted by age, period, geographical category, and town size, using other occupations in the same sector as reference.
‡CI, confidence invervals for the RR.
Sector 0 Professionals and technicians 34391.6
057Educational methods advisors6238.22.58(1.15 to 5.80)
093Librarian, archivist, curator14159.31.74(1.02 to 2.97)
096Staff officer8165.81.79(0.89 to 3.62)
098Other professionals and technicians4173.91.88(0.70 to 5.04)
Sector 1 Administrators and managers 2187.8
Sector 2 Bookkeepers and clerical workers 352104.40.99(0.88 to 1.11)
201–09Cashiers and bank workers104118.11.21(0.96 to 1.52)
201Bookkeeping and cashier workers70116.61.16(0.89 to 1.51)
204Cashier retail store and restaurant30129.01.27(0.88 to 1.85)
291Computer operator12179.41.71(0.96 to 3.05)
296Insurance rater, claims adjuster12174.11.59(0.89 to 2.84)
297Employee in national insurance office6153.61.51(0.67 to 3.38)
Sector 3 Sales workers 293100.8
331Commer. traveller, buyer, dealer16153.21.53(0.92 to 2.55)
Sector 4 Agriculture, forestry, and fishing workers 10981.8
413Livestock workers18120.01.48(0.89 to 2.46)
Sector 5 Mining and quarrying 1425.5
Sector 6 Transport and communications 70101.2
633Motor vehicle driver, tram driver9222.92.50(1.24 to 5.07)
Sector 7–8 Production 300114
718Other sewing workers15137.71.31(0.78 to 2.20)
731–39Metal workers5200.91.82(0.75 to 4.42)
761–69Electrical, electronic, and related26192.11.72(1.15 to 2.57)
764–68Electronic related workers25186.51.66(1.10 to 2.51)
768Other electrical and electronic workers23177.51.55(1.01 to 2.39)
771–79Carpenters8116.11.13(0.56 to 2.29)
772Bench carpenter and cabinet maker5124.31.31(0.54 to 3.19)
801–09Printing workers15131.71.12(0.66 to 1.88)
801Typographer, lithographer7276.32.29(1.08 to 4.86)
811–19Glass, pottery, and tile workers10251.02.39(1.27 to 4.49)
819Non-specif. glass, pott., tile workers4376.93.84(1.42 to 10.4)
828Other food processing workers4205.21.96(0.73 to 5.25)
858Other production workers5120.11.12(0.46 to 2.71)
861Unskilled manual workers5131.51.18(0.49 to 2.85)
Sector 9 Services and military workers 654103.0
911Catering supervisor32119.91.17(0.82 to 1.67)
912Cook36116.11.14(0.82 to 1.60)
917Purser, steward, stewardess6535.55.17(2.31 to 11.6)
918Other housekeeping and related workers6298.92.85(1.28 to 6.37)
942Bath attendant6143.01.38(0.62 to 3.09)