Table 1

Pancreatic cancer risk for occupations with at least five observed cases and a 10% excess risk; men

Occupational codes and job titlesObservedSIR*RR†95% CI‡
*SIR, age and period standardised incidence ratio using the whole cohort as reference.
†RR, relative risk adjusted by age, period, geographical category, and town size, using other occupations in the same sector as reference.
‡CI, confidence intervals for the RR.
Sector 0 Professionals and technicians 67796.0
001Architect and building engineer111112.21.19(0.97 to 1.46)
008Technical assistant5267.62.80(1.16 to 6.75)
012Physicist5128.91.30(0.54 to 3.15)
014Laboratory technician10135.61.43(0.77 to 2.68)
031Physician22140.81.47(0.96 to 2.24)
050Principal, headmaster14120.91.28(0.75 to 2.17)
054Teacher of music, arts, or crafts16136.61.45(0.88 to 2.39)
061Minister, priest15111.21.20(0.72 to 2.00)
085Journalist, editor14118.01.20(0.71 to 2.04)
092Social workers9136.31.43(0.74 to 2.76)
096Staff officer28117.81.23(0.84 to 1.79)
Sector 1 Administrators and managers 17297.1
111Managing director77112.91.33(0.98 to 1.79)
Sector 2 Bookkeepers and clerical workers 218115.5
292Bank employee12178.11.49(0.83 to 2.67)
299Non-specific clerical workers74134.11.25(0.95 to 1.66)
Sector 3 Sales workers 349110.5
301Working proprietor, wholesale18132.71.23(0.77 to 1.98)
311Insurance representative and agent8136.21.22(0.61 to 2.46)
321Travel agent52163.41.55(1.15 to 2.08)
338Filling stat. attend., demonstr.15119.21.12(0.67 to 1.89)
Sector 4 Agriculture, forestry, and fishing workers 45781.3
403Forestry supervisor21110.21.28(0.82 to 1.99)
413–15Hunt and livestock18115.91.42(0.89 to 2.28)
Sector 5 Mining and quarrying 2494.4
Sector 6 Transport and communications 385108.2
601Ship deck officer10123.71.16(0.62 to 2.17)
633Motor vehicle driver, tramdriver205112.61.13(0.92 to 1.38)
644Road traffic supervisor20164.51.52(0.97 to 2.38)
662Messenger24134.91.16(0.76 to 1.76)
699Non specif. transport and commun. workers5149.31.34(0.55 to 3.24)
Sector 7–8 Production 1856104
735Blacksmith, forger17111.81.12(0.69 to 1.80)
738Other metal processing workers13175.01.94(1.12 to 3.34)
742Watchmaker5128.41.23(0.51 to 2.96)
745Gold and silver smith5171.41.56(0.65 to 3.75)
753Sheet metal workers31114.41.11(0.78 to 1.58)
755Welder and flame cutter52112.11.12(0.85 to 1.48)
764–68Electronic related workers41134.01.31(0.96 to 1.79)
764Radio and TV assembler and repairman15122.61.17(0.71 to 1.95)
766Telephone-telegraph instal repair11120.91.21(0.67 to 2.19)
768Other electrical and electronic workers15161.91.54(0.93 to 2.57)
774Frame, circular sawyer, and planer23116.81.32(0.87 to 1.99)
795Glazier7155.61.48(0.70 to 3.10)
821–29Food processing workers77125.51.24(0.99 to 1.56)
821Grain mill and oil press workers6145.61.55(0.69 to 3.45)
822Baker and pastry cook31148.31.42(1.00 to 2.03)
826Butcher and meat preparer26145.51.40(0.95 to 2.06)
831–39Chemical and laboratory39112.61.12(0.82 to 1.54)
839Non-specif. chemic. cellulose workers13153.61.43(0.83 to 2.46)
851Rubber products workers16148.61.45(0.88 to 2.37)
856Stone cutter and carver8145.81.59(0.79 to 3.19)
857Paper product workers6120.81.27(0.57 to 2.84)
874Construction machine operator33113.41.17(0.83 to 1.66)
876Greaser7156.71.57(0.75 to 3.29)
882Docker and freight handler28164.11.61(1.11 to 2.33)
Sector 9 Services and military workers 282122.2
901Firefighter10135.71.11(0.59 to 2.08)
908Other civilian protection service workers31155.51.30(0.90 to 1.89)
911Catering supervisor11139.41.15(0.63 to 2.10)
921Waiters12266.32.08(1.16 to 3.73)
932Cleaner18141.61.17(0.73 to 1.89)
941Hairdresser, beautician18135.31.13(0.70 to 1.82)
948Other service workers6196.91.57(0.70 to 3.52)