Table 4

Factors associated with incidence of shoulder pain for women; results from bivariate analyses and from the logistic model

Number of subjectsNumber of incident casesIncidence %Test, bivariate analyses p valueLogistic model, adjusted ORs* OR (95% CI)
*Each OR is adjusted on the five other risk factors.
Depressive symptoms
    Presence531630.21.85 (0.86 to 3.99)
    Yes311032.31.47 (0.58 to 3.73)
Bending forward
    Frequently1153026.11.81 (0.86 to 3.82)
Arm above the shoulder
    Frequently852428.21.84 (0.89 to 3.79)
Use of vibrating tool
    Yes451533.31.89 (0.86 to 4.15)
Job control
    High or medium level1292217.00.121
    Low level852225.91.46 (0.72 to 2.67)
Subjects “healthy” at baseline214
Incident cases44