Table 3

Factors associated with incidence of shoulder pain for men; results from bivariate analyses and from the logistic model

Number of subjectsNumber of incident casesIncidence (%)Test, bivariate analyses p valueLogistic model, adjusted ORs* OR (95% CI)
*Each OR is adjusted on the three other risk factors.
†Grouped in the logistic model.
‡No comparison test, due to small number in one category.
Number of years on the job
    1–9†731926.01.21 (0.41 to 3.59)
Depressive symptoms
    Presence22940.92.56 (0.86 to 7.66)
Repetitive use of a tool
    Yes592339.04.34 (1.58 to 11.9)
Job control
    High or medium level601118.31
    Low level522140.40.013.68 (1.44 to 9.41)
“Healthy” at baseline112
Incident cases32