Table 3

Association of the psychosocial work environment with symptoms attributed to indoor air among office workers (n = 11 154)

Work interesting oftenWork interesting seldom/neverToo much work oftenToo much work seldom/neverPossibility to influence oftenPossibility to influence seldom/neverHelp from others oftenHelp from others seldom/never
The middle classes of the symptom variables, “yes, sometimes”, have been left out of the table. However, the χ2 compatibility tests have been calculated using the complete distributions.
    Every week, work related1435271010271427
    No, never65490.00154740.00173500.00165540.001
Feeling heavy headed
    Every week, work related920146616914
    No, never67550.00160740.00174560.00167610.001
    Every week, work related613105412611
    No never69610.00164740.00176590.00169640.001
    Every week, work related15211314
    No. Never92810.00188930.00194840.00191860.001
Difficulties concentrating
    Every week, work related311822739
    No never76650.00166840.00182650.00177640.001
Irritation of the eyes
    Every week, work related1725201514221721
    No never57520.00157610.00163500.00157550.05
Irritated, stuffy, runny nose
    Every week, work related2028211717251924
    No, never58510.00156620.00163510.00158570.01
Hoarse, dry throat
    Every week, work related1420161211181417
    No, never62560.0160660.00166550.0016161NS
    Every week, work related58644756
    No, never81750.0179840.0184770.0018182NS
Dry or flushed facial skin
    Every week, work related11181499151114
    No, never75680.00172780.00178710.0017472NS
Scaling/itching scalp or ears
    Every week, work related7108659710
    No never86800.0184880.00188820.0018683NS
Hands dry, itching, red skin
    Every week, work related1527181412231716
    No never70580.00169710.00176610.00167700.01