Table 2

Association of the psychosocial work environment with indoor air complaints among office employees (n = 11 154).

Work interesting oftenWork interesting seldom/neverToo much work oftenToo much work seldom/neverPossibility to influence oftenPossibility to influence seldom/neverHelp from the others oftenHelp from the others seldom/never
The middle classes of the variables concerning the indoor air complaints, “yes, sometimes”, have been left out of the table. However, the χ2 compatibility tests have been calculated using the complete distributions.
    Every week2130222116302226
    No, never36270.00136370.00343260.00134320.025
Temperature too high
    Every week1821181414231718
    No, never3435NS34390.00139290.0013437NS
Temperature varies
    Every week1523181313231618
    No, never32270.00130350.00137250.0013132NS
Temperature too low
    Every week1320131210171314
    No, never36330.00136400.00242310.0013635NS
Stuffy air
    Every week3441383026443437
    No, never24160.00123260.00132160.0012424NS
Dry air
    Every week3544403028433537
    No, never26190.00124310.00134190.0012625NS
Unpleasant odour
    Every week1625191412231623
    No, never39300.00137410.00146280.00138350.001
Static electricity
    Every week7118651089
    No, never63570.00261690.00168550.00162560.047
Passive smoking
    Every week36523537
    No, never8179NS79840.00183780.00182760.001
    Every week1630211312261720
    No, never45300.00140500.00154300.00144390.001
Illumination problems
    Every week132417109221318
    No, never50390.00144570.00160360.00150430.001
Dust or dirt
    Every week2442302119372530
    No, never35210.00138410.00142240.00135280.001