Table 5

Multivariate analysis of certain specified occupational exposures, respectively, among women with adjustment for age and smoking; analysis of: 160 incident cases and 368 referents; and 339 cases and 627 referents in the pooled material

ExposureIncident casesPooled material
No. of exposed (cases/referents)LOR95% CINo. of exposed (cases/referents)LOR95% CI
Logistic odds ratios (LORs) along with confidence intervals (CI) are shown. Latency requirement is 20 years. Results are presented when LORs ⩽0.5 or ⩾1.5.
Vibrations3/36.10.6 to 61.16/71.80.5 to 6.3
Meat7/52.80.6 to 13.021/142.00.9 to 4.4
Pesticides5/21.80.2 to 15.36/40.90.2 to 5.7
Engine exhaust10/121.40.5 to 3.519/171.50.7 to 3.1
Hairdressing chemicals2/40.00.0 to ∞10/91.60.1 to 26.6