Table 5

Final models of stepwise multiple regression analyses on prospective data

Hospital nurses (n=558) Subjective health complaints after one yearHospital nurses (n=614) Sickness absence after one yearTruck drivers (n=625) Sickness absence after two years
Baseline variablesBetap valueBetap valueBetap value
Subjective health complaints after one year and sickness absence after one or two years as dependent variable and baseline no. work hours/week, physical demands, mental/emotional demands, lack of decision latitude, lack of autonomy/break control, age, and baseline need for recovery as independent variables.
*Lost significance from first step.
Work demands
Entered in step 1
    No. work hours/week0.010.759−0.010.833−0.020.581
    Physical demands−0.040.3730.130.002
    Mental/emotional demands0.080.035−0.060.1520.040.413
    Lack of decision latitude0.060.106*0.010.7810.060.221
    Lack of autonomy/break control−0.020.728
Added in step 2
    Age at T10.120.0010.090.0180.030.489
Added in step 3
    Need for recovery at T10.490.0000.190.0000.110.021
Model summary
    Total adjusted R20.300.070.02
    Change from step 2 to step 3 in R20.190.030.007
    Change from step 2 to step 30.0000.0000.021
    F of regression equation38.848.903.03
    Significance of F0.0000.0000.006