Table 4

Final models of stepwise multiple regression analyses on cross sectional data

Coach drivers (n=327)Public bus drivers (n=926)Construction workers (n=402)Ambulance workers (n=53)Hospital nurses (n=922)
VariablesBetap valueBetap valueBetap valueBetap valueBetap value
Subjective health complaints as dependent variable and no. work hours/week, physical demands, mental/emotional demands, lack of decision latitude, lack of autonomy/break control, age, and need for recovery as independent variables.
*Lost significance after second step.
Work demands
Entered in step 1
    No. work hours/week0.060.185*−0.030.348−0.000.9750.040.704−0.010.673
    Physical demands0.070.189*0.110.356*−0.010.825*
    Mental/emotional demands0.150.0000.190.0000.100.000
    Lack of decision latitude0.050.252*0.050.106*0.130.225*0.150.000
    Lack of autonomy/break control0.080.071*0.010.787
Added in step 2
    Age at T1−0.000.9770.070.0160.030.5380.070.4980.090.000
Added in step 3
    Need for recovery at T10.710.0000.380.0000.540.0000.640.0000.590.000
Model summary
    Total adjusted R20.580.240.390.520.48
    Change from step 2 to step 3 in R20.430.
    Change from step 2 to step 30.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
    F of regression equation75.8260.8136.1712.20134.46
    Significance of F0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000