Table 3

Final models of stepwise multiple regression analyses on prospective data

Hospital nurses (n=611) Need for recovery, at one year follow upTruck drivers (n=625) Need for recovery, at two years follow up
Baseline variablesBetap valueBetap value
Need for recovery after one or two years follow up (T2) as dependent variable, and no. work hours/week, physical demands, mental/emotional demands, lack of decision latitude, lack of autonomy/break control, age, and baseline need for recovery as independent variables.
*Lost significance from first step.
Work demands
Entered in step 1
    No. work hours/week0.030.3630.020.626
    Physical demands−0.030.331*
    Mental/emotional demands0.070.0310.020.631*
    Lack of decision latitude0.010.846*0.010.894*
    Lack of autonomy/break control−0.010.894
Added in step 2
    Age at T10.070.0180.020.625
Added in step 3
    Need for recovery at T10.650.0000.590.000
Model summary
    Total adjusted R20.460.36
    Change from step 2 to step 3 in R20.320.23
    Change from step 2 to 30.0000.000
    F of regression equation87.5360.47
    Significance of F0.0000.000