Table 4

Median scores of relative quartz exposure level for 36 jobs as mentioned by construction workers in the study

No construction work, driver, production worker, welder, miner0
Mechanic, painter, crane driver, foundation worker, asbestos worker0.1
Gypsum brick layers, finishing mechanic, tuck pointer, carpenter, insulator, tiler0.2
Floorer, bricklayer, unskilled personnel, plasterer, work site personnel0.3
Concrete worker, grinder—road construction, railway and road construction workers0.4
Concrete repairman, worker blasting concrete0.5
Concrete drillers and grinders, terrazzo worker0.6
Pile-top crusher, natural stone worker, recess millers, tuck pointer chasing out mortar between bricks0.8
Workers who clear up demolition rubbish, recess grinder, demolition worker1