Table 3

Respirable dust and α-quartz levels of personal full shift measurements among several groups of construction workers

nRespirable dust AM*
 (min–max)Respirable quartz AM 
*Arithmetic mean.
Tuck pointers, chasing out mortar between bricks103.5 mg/m3 (0.6–8.0)0.56 mg/m3(0.09–1.7)
Concrete drillers and grinders, including recess milling142.8 mg/m3(0.2–11.5)0.84 mg/m3(0.03–3.8)
Demolition workers212.4 mg/m3(0.2–9.4)0.25 mg/m3(0.04–1.26)
Inner wall constructor42.1 mg/m3 (0.6–4.0)0.043 mg/m3(0.016–0.084)
Construction site cleaners120.99 mg/m3(0.1–2.5)0.032 mg/m3(0.002–0.1)
Background exposed group60.3 mg/m3 (0.1–0.4)0.005 mg/m3(0.002–0.015)