Table 4

 Performance of the prognostic model in workers with a low probability of sensitisation at baseline. Results of the use of IgE serology in two groups of workers with a low (cut-off <2.5 points) and a high (cut-off ⩾2.5 points) risk of becoming sensitised after three years

Sumscores from questionnaireCut-off<2.5 points⩾2.5 points
Predicted probability of sensitisation*0.07 (0.02)0.22 (0.08)
Observed sensitisation rate0.06 (10/180)0.24 (24/102)†
IgE serologyPosNegPosNeg
*Mean (SD).
†One case missing values for IgE serology.
Additional IgE serologyPredicted probability of sensitisation*0.16 (0.08)0.04 (0.01)0.37 (0.18)0.10 (0.03)
Observed sensitisation rate0.14 (6/42)0.03 (4/138)0.39 (17/44)0.12 (7/57)