Table 2

 Prevalence of doctor’s visit, absenteeism, work related allergic symptoms, and lung function loss in workers correctly and incorrectly classified as sensitised in the high and low risk group

Observed sensitisation
High (59%) predicted sensitisation probability n = 75Low (18%) predicted sensitisation probability n = 296
Correctly classified as sensitised 63%Incorrectly classified as sensitised 27%Incorrectly classified as not sensitised 17%Correctly classified as not sensitised 83%
Asthmatic symptoms during work43%32%2%2%
Rhinitis during work79%61%14%6%
Skin symptoms during work51%39%12%5%
Doctor’s visit21%18%4%2%
Allergic symptoms after work52%36%12%7%
Standardised residual FEV1/FVC ⩽−1.6411%11%2%5%