Table A1
QuestionDiagnostic modelPrognostic model
NP, no predictor in the model.
How many years have you worked at your current job?NP⩽4 years1.5
GenderIf male1.0NP
Have you had wheezing in your chest at any time in the last 12 months?If yes1.5NP
Are you allergic to pets, house dust, or pollen?NPIf yes1.0
While working at your current job, do you have any allergic symptoms? (runny nose/sneezing, or shortness of breath (asthma), or itchy or tearing eyes, or itchy or red skin)If yes2.5If yes1.5
Did you have any allergic symptom last year associated with working with animals?If yes1.5NP
How many hours/week are you working with rats>20 h/week2.0⩾12 h/week1.5
Maximal total score8.55.5