Table 1

 Distribution of demographic features and occupational factors of 1242 participants in the Taxi Drivers’ Health Study (TDHS)

CharacteristicsTDHS participantsDrivers not in selected hospital*Reference†
N1Mean (SD) or %N2Mean (SD) or %Mean or %
*Drivers who received medical examinations in hospitals other than the study base hospital.
†Obtained from the Department of Statistics, Ministry of Transportation and Communication, Taiwan (34).
‡N1, number of subjects in TDHS group; N2, number of subject not in study base. The total number summed up across each category varies slightly due to missing data.
§Assessed by the SF-36, Chinese version.
¶Assessed by the Job Content Questionnaire, Chinese version.
**Assessed by the modified Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire.
Age (years)124244.5 (8.7)140346.6 (8.7)43.9
Professional seniority (years)123411.4 (7.8)189011.0 (7.5)9.2
Total days of driving/month (days)123926.2 (2.6)178025.2 (3.6)26.8
Hours of driving/day (hours)12389.8 (2.8)18899.9 (2.5)10
Body mass index (kg/m2)124224.9 (3.6)178025.2 (3.6)
    Below high school40533%77040%
    High school78263%106756%
    College and beyond534%694%
Marital status
Registration type
    Cab company affiliated34128%44724%
Lifting activities
    Very frequently12210%
    Very frequently1119%
Leisure time physical exertion
    Very frequently12610%
Perceived job stress
§Mental health score (0–100)121863.1 (16.8)
¶Job dissatisfaction index (0.01–1)12250.61 (0.17)
**Low back pain in past 12 months628 (1241)51%988 (1798)55%