Table 3

Numbers of incident cancers (I) among test participants and controls, and relative risks (RR) of incident cancer in test participants compared with controls for 27 distinct types of cancer

Test participantsControlsIncidence rate in test participants relative to controls
Type of cancerIIRR90% Cl*
For leukaemia the whole follow up period, and the period 2–25 years after start of first test participation, are considered. For all other specific cancers the period more than 10 years after start of first test participation is considered.
*Confidence interval.
†ICD 9th revision codes 203.0, 203.1, 238.6, and 273.1.
Tongue, mouth, pharynx59760.830.61 to 1.12
Oesophagus73820.940.71 to 1.25
Stomach1171221.020.82 to 1.28
Large intestine and rectum3163261.020.90 to 1.17
Liver33181.991.19 to 3.38
Primary liver cancer22131.830.98 to 3.46
Gallbladder370.450.11 to 1.60
Pancreas77751.080.81 to 1.42
Larynx49570.930.66 to 1.30
Lung5285980.940.85 to 1.04
Bone551.160.35 to 3.86
Connective and soft tissue9120.740.32 to 1.65
Malignant melanoma55541.090.78 to 1.53
Other skin cancer3323950.890.78 to 1.01
Prostate2442161.221.04 to 1.43
Testis19210.840.47 to 1.49
Bladder1561521.090.89 to 1.32
Kidney711020.740.57 to 0.96
Tumours of central nervous system83771.130.86 to 1.50
Thyroid631.920.51 to 7.97
Adrenals321.640.28 to 11.13
Hodgkin's disease15180.810.43 to 1.54
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma81801.040.79 to 1.36
Multiple myeloma34351.070.70 to 1.64
Multiple myeloma (wider definition)†35351.110.72 to 1.69
Leukaemia: whole follow up period67531.330.97 to 1.84
Leukaemia excluding CLL: whole follow up period49361.410.96 to 2.09
Leukaemia: 2–25 years29103.171.63 to 6.31
Leukaemia excluding CLL: 2–25 years2363.971.73 to 9.61
Polycythaemia vera12130.920.44 to 1.94
Other specified neoplasms1231420.920.75 to 1.14
Unspecified neoplasms761030.810.63 to 1.06
All neoplasms excluding non-melanoma skin cancer230924471.000.95 to 1.05
All neoplasms264128420.990.94 to 1.03