Table 2

Odds ratios for risk of 2/1+ within age group 50–74, showing the individual effect of a number of cumulative exposure indices, plus the effect of confounders individually after adjusting for cumulative post-1964 quartz exposure

Predictor variableEstimated odds ratio95% CI
*Relative to non-smokers.
Dust (g.h.m−3)
    All periods1.030(1.018 to 1.043)
    Pre-19640.995(0.977 to 1.014)
    Post-19641.101(1.068 to 1.135)
Quartz (g.h.m−3)
    All periods1.702(1.456 to 1.990)
    Pre-19640.884(0.633 to 1.236)
    Post-19641.811(1.536 to 2.136)
After quartz (post-1964)
    Quartz pre-19640.854(0.534 to 1.365)
    Dust pre-19640.996(0.971 to 1.022)
    Dust post-19641.025(0.974 to 1.079)
    Age0.990(0.925 to 1.059)
    Ex-smoker*0.453(0.140 to 1.467)
    Smoker*0.556(0.176 to 1.757)
    Pre-1954 h×10−30.987(0.944 to 1.032)