Table 3

Results of regression analyses for need for recovery on the individual and the department level

Department level
Employees per department
Independent variableIndividual levelAll departmentsn>5n>10n>15n>20n>25
Means, standard deviations, and multiple regression analyses with 10 psychosocial job characteristics as independent variables and need for recovery as dependent variable.
For each analysis are reported: the number of individual respondents, the number of departments, the average number of individuals per department, the mean and standard deviation for the “need for recovery scale”, standardised beta coefficients for the 10 psychosocial job factors, significance of the coefficients, and R2 of the regression model.
*p<0.01; **p<0.001.
Standardised betas
    Pace and amount of work0.36**0.43**0.49**0.48**0.51**0.53**0.54**
    Emotional load0.14**0.17**0.23**0.24**0.24**0.23**0.24**
    Physical exertion0.08**0.09**0.11**0.12**0.11**0.10**0.04
    Lack of variety in your work0.03**0.05*−0.02
    Lack of opportunities to learn0.02**−0.01−0.00−0.02−
    Lack of independence in your work0.02***0.090.09
    Problems with colleagues0.08**0.06**0.09**0.12**0.13**0.15**0.14**
    Problems with immediate boss0.010.00−0.04−0.010.00−0.03−0.06
    Lack of participation in decisions0.10**0.12**0.14**0.11****
    Uncertainty about the future0.02**0.01−0.02−0.04−0.05**−0.08**−0.04
Number of individuals68775687756364253817429873334425854
Number of departments602060203833251216141038687
Average number of individuals per department11.4211.4216.6021.4226.6332.1237.60
Mean score need for recovery27.3026.6626.9927.1827.0426.8326.76
Standard deviation need for recovery29.5716.9712.2611.3210.9010.6710.17