Table 1

Items of the “need for recovery scale”

The answer “yes” signals unfavourable situations, except for item 4, where “no” signals an unfavourable situation.
This translation of the original Dutch scale9 into UK English (as for the other scales of the VBBA) was done by J Lisle and G Pender-Takke in collaboration with the first author. Please note that the translation presented here differs slightly from the version published by Sluiter et al,22 De Croon et al,31 and Jansen et al,16 although their version is also based on the same original.
1.I find it difficult to relax at the end of a working day.
2.By the end of the working day, I feel really worn out.
3.Because of my job, at the end of the working day I feel rather exhausted.
4.After the evening meal, I generally feel in good shape.
5.In general, I only start to feel relaxed on the second non-working day.
6.I find it difficult to concentrate in my free time after work.
7.I cannot really show any interest in other people when I have just come home myself.
8.Generally, I need more than an hour before I feel completely recuperated after work.
9.When I get home from work, I need to be left in peace for a while.
10.Often, after a day’s work I feel so tired that I cannot get involved in other activities.
11.A feeling of tiredness prevents me from doing my work as well as I normally would during the last part of the working day.