Table 1

Overview of risk factors included in the Maastricht Cohort Study of “Fatigue at Work”

Work related factorsWork contentPsychological job demands
Decision authority
Skill discretion
Role ambiguity
Job title/task
Work relationsSupervisor social support
Co-worker social support
Conflict with supervisor
Conflict with co-worker
Conditions of employmentWorking hours
Job insecurity
Career opportunities
Job history
Work conditionsPhysical demands
Mental demands
Emotional demands
Perception of workEffort-reward balance
Job satisfaction
Professional supportOccupational Health Service
Primary health care
Preventive management
Domestic/social factorsPrivate situation
Leisure activities
Daily hassles
Life events
Individual characteristicsDemographicsAge, gender, educational level
Health and wellbeingHealth status
Chronic disease
Personal characteristicsCoping
Negative affectivity