Table 2

The responders’ main workplace at baseline, by the incidence proportion of sickness absence during the successive three months

Main workplacenSickness absence, n (row %)
**p<0.01; p values in χ2 tests or Fisher’s exact tests; subjects working in one type of workplace were compared with subjects not working in this type of workplace.
The workplace categories are not mutually exclusive; some subjects reported more than one workplace.
Somatic department (adults)646185 (28.6)
Psychiatric department (adults)357135 (37.8)**
Paediatric department8235 (42.7)*
Nursing home2064646 (31.3)
Old people’s home, or unit of apartments for old people462143 (31.0)
Community nurse773252 (32.6)
Institution or dwelling unit for mentally handicapped507164 (32.3)
Polyclinic, child care, or institution for drug abusers8326 (31.3)
Other22149 (22.2)**