Table 3

 Impact of only low back pain (LBP only), only upper extremity complaints (UED only), and low back pain with musculoskeletal upper extremity co-morbidity (LBP with UE) on general health (PCS12, MCS12) and health related quality of life (EQ5d and EuroQol-Vas) compared to those without low back pain or upper extremity complaints (no MSD) among industrial workers (n = 505)

nPCS12 Mean (SD)MCS12 Mean (SD)EQ5d Mean (SD)EuroQol VAS Mean (SD)
*p<0.05, Student’s t test.
†Significant difference (p<0.05) between subjects with LBP only and subjects with LBP and upper extremity co-morbidity.
PCS12, physical component summary scale of SF12; MCS12, mental component summary scale of SF12; EQ5d, preference based health related quality of life on five dimensions of EuroQol, using weights for different health states of each individual worker as obtained from a general population in the UK; EuroQol-VAS, EuroQol-visual analogue scale.
LBP only
    No MSD14653.36 (5.26)54.30 (6.91)0.96 (0.08)83.40 (15.01)
    Yes8249.05 (8.20)55.81 (6.34)0.83 (0.19)80.12 (16.26)
    Δ4.31 (6.47)*−1.51 (6.71)0.13 (0.13)*3.27 (15.49)
UE only
    No MSD14653.36 (5.26)54.30 (6.91)0.96 (0.08)83.40 (15.01)
    Yes10750.76 (6.66)53.30 (6.27)0.89 (0.14)80.55 (11.92)
    Δ2.60 (5.90)*1.02 (6.64)0.07 (0.11)*2.84 (13.74)
LBP with UE
    No MSD14653.36 (5.26)54.30 (6.91)0.96 (0.08)83.40 (15.01)
    Yes17046.67 (8.50)51.89 (7.71)0.79 (0.19)75.16 (14.83)
    Δ6.69 (7.30)*†2.41 (7.38)*†0.18 (0.15)*8.23 (14.91)*†